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What is Anaemia?

Anaemia is a blood disorder that occurs when you don’t have enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to the body’s tissues.

Red Blood Cells (RBC) contain haemoglobin; an iron-rich protein that gives blood its red colour. Haemoglobin enables red blood cells to carry oxygen from your lungs to all parts of your body and to carry carbon dioxide from other parts of the body to your lungs so that it can be exhaled. Anaemia is a result of decreased levels of haemoglobin.


Anaemia has three main causes, which are: blood loss, lack of red blood cell production, and high rates of red blood cell destruction.
Conditions that may lead to Anaemia include:
•   Heavy periods
•   Pregnancy
•   Ulcers
•   Colon polyps or colon cancer
•   Inherited disorders
•   A diet that does not have enough iron, folic acid or Vitamin B12
•   Blood disorders such as sickle cell anaemia and thalassemia, or cancer
•   Aplastic Anaemia
•   G6PD Deficiency: A metabolic disorder


Common symptoms of Anaemia include:
•   Fatigue
•   Weakness
•   Pale or yellowish skin
•   Irregular heartbeats
•   Shortness of breath
•   Dizziness or light-headedness
•   Chest pain
•   Cold hands and feet
•   Headaches

Diagnosis & Treatment

Anaemia is diagnosed by a Doctor using a physical examination and blood tests.

Treatment depends on the type of Anaemia you have. Iron supplements can be used for iron deficiency. Vitamin B12 supplements may be used for low vitamin levels. Blood transfusions can be used for blood loss. Medication to induce blood formation may be used if the body’s blood production is reduced.

Additional Information

There are various forms of Anaemia including:
•   Iron Deficiency Anaemia
•   Vitamin Deficiency Anaemia
•   Aplastic Anaemia
•   Haemolytic Anaemia
•   Sickle Cell Anaemia
•   Diamond-Blackfan Anaemia
•   Fanconi Anaemia

See your doctor if you suspect you have Anaemia because it can be a warning sign of a serious illness.

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